When you reach the limits of your comfort zone,
keep going.

The yearning for wide open spaces bears the potential for an original solution that's much closer to home. We play with both when we make the leap into the new – beyond the assumed limits. Doing so is always a challenge to an interdisciplinary branding and design agency’s everyday routine. And its management.


Management by Objectives. Management by Observation. Management by Love. Management by Whatever – management methods are in. The shelves of bookstores are lined with books dedicated to the topic. Some of these titles have found their way into our house; one is called »Lonely at the Top«.

That book is still in its original shrink-wrapping. There's a good reason for that: we work with flat hierarchies. The heads of the three Munich units, the head of the Berlin unit, together with the CFO, form the agency’s executive management team. They represent the concerns of their colleagues and the needs of their clients. They develop the unit targets and ensure they are met. In addition, there is leadership by competence in professional groups. That's it.

The management team meets regularly to conduct business and to answer any open questions. Any staff member can introduce a topic into this management meeting, through their unit head or professional group leader. Twice a year, the management team participates in a professional retreat. The outcomes from these retreats are presented to the agency's employees in our staff meetings, also twice yearly. In addition, we begin each week with a general planning meeting, which also provides an opportunity to introduce special projects, new colleagues or special requests.

For the management team, therefore, there is an important role for big-picture thinking: keen awareness of individual responsibility together with an understanding of the larger organization. Collaboration brings us together, stimulates and accelerates – and certainly ensures one thing: that you are never lonely.

The Management Team

Markus Greve, Chief Digital Officer
Boris Kochan, Chief Executive Officer
Martin Summ, Chief Creative Officer
Gabriele Werner, Chief Strategy Officer
Andreas Fehn, Managing Director Consulting Digital &
Information Architecture
Romanus Schwarz, Managing Director Business Development